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Factory Price Flying Fiber Laser Marking Machine

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The Flying Fiber Laser Marking Machine
The Flying Fiber Laser Marking Machine Replaces The Traditional Laser Marking Machine. The Structure is Simple, Easy to Use, Faster Coding Speed, No Leakage, No Error, Save Data When Power Failure.It Can Modify Data Online ,Which Greatly Improve the Marking Speed and Response Time,Without Adding Consumables, Saving Costs.

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Six Performance

■using industrial-grade embedded touch man-machine interface,while greatly improving the stability and anti-interference ability, the installation operation is simple and easier to use.
■Customized developed software control system,provide complete application functions such as date generation, automatic coding, number hopping, meter counting, Qr code ,Etc., which meet the various applications of coding occasions in greatest extent.
■the professionally developed hardware system has high efficiency,high speed and high sensitivity ,which can effectively solve the problems of missed-ejection, stuck, freeze, and printing distortion.
■the optimized design of stand and light path structure makes the whole machine free of installation, convenient for mobile debugging, and can realize coding of any positon of the product.
■the control system is simple,fast and easy to use.
■no consumables, easy maintenance and environmental protection

Application field

Electronic components, hardware tools, electronic products, consumer goods, sensors, auto parts, handicrafts, precision instruments, gift accessories, medical equipment, high and low voltage electrical appliances, sanitary ware and other metal materials and some non-metal materials marking

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