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INCODE 45 half inch food grade TIJ inkjet printer thermal ink cartridge for eggs

Short Description:

Category: Dye Alcohol Base

Cartridge Type: 45 Solvent Cartridges

Print Height: 12.7mm

Specification: 42ml

Color: Magenta

Color Saturation:

Decap time: 15 minutes

Dry time:



Voltage: 8.8V

Pulse width: 1.9μs

Applicable material: egg/food

Product Detail

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Product detail

INCODE half-inch ink cartridge for magenta alcohol-based TIJ printer

Food grade ink for coding and marking on food

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1. Specially designed for food such as eggs, the color of plant extraction, safe and edible.

2. Beautiful colors and high contrast.

INCODE ink is suitable for coding and marking foods such as eggs, improving brand recognition,

It is convenient for product tracking and source.

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Transportation and Storage

- The ink cartridge should be placed in a vacuum-sealed bag before use.

- Use within two weeks of removing the ink cartridge from the vacuum-sealed bag for best printing results.

- When not in use, cover the ink cartridge clip with the nozzle upward or horizontal.

- See Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for more information.


Common problems and solutions

[1] The printing effect is not good, and there are missing lines.

Treatment method: wipe the nozzle with a non-woven fabric or vacuum with a syringe and a vacuum clip until the ink is drawn out, and then wipe the nozzle with a non-woven fabric.

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Other reasons that may lead to poor printing results

1. The distance between the nozzle and the surface of the printed object is too far, resulting in unclear printing effect. The recommended distance is 2-3mm.

2. Electrostatic interference.

3. If the printing parameters are not set properly, please set the parameters according to the ink cartridge label.

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