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INCODE 45 half-inch invisible blue TIJ inkjet printer for anti-counterfeiting ink cartridges

Short Description:

Category: Dye Alcohol
Cartridge Type: 45 Solvent Cartridges
Print height :12.7mm
Specification :42ml
Color: Stealth Blue
Color saturation:
Opening time :15 minutes
Dry Time :
Adhesion :
Fluency :
Voltage: 8.8V
Pulse width: 1.9μs
Applicable material: plastic/coated paper

Product Detail

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Product detail

INCODE 45 half-inch invisible blue TIJ inkjet printer for anti-counterfeiting ink cartridges
Security ink cartridge for coding and marking


1. Specially designed for security and anti-counterfeiting, only visible under ultraviolet light, suitable for impermeable materials such as plastics, with good fluency.
2. High contrast and saturated colors.
Invisible blue ink is suitable for coding and marking on non-permeable materials such as plastic, metal, glass, etc.

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Transportation and Storage

- The ink cartridges should be placed in a vacuum-sealed bag before use.

- Use the ink cartridge within two weeks of removing it from the vacuum-sealed bag for best printing results.

- Cover the cartridge clip when not in use, with the nozzle up or level.

- See Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for more information.

Common problems and solutions

[1] The printing effect is not good, and there are missing lines.
Treatment method: wipe the nozzle with a non-woven fabric or vacuum with a syringe and a vacuum clip until the ink is drawn out, and then wipe the nozzle with a non-woven fabric.

Other reasons that may lead to poor printing results

1. The distance between the nozzle and the surface of the printed object is too far, resulting in unclear printing effect. The recommended distance is 2-3mm.
2. Electrostatic interference.
3. If the printing parameters are not set properly, please set the parameters according to the ink cartridge label.
For more questions, please contact us.

The difference between tij inkjet printer and cij inkjet printer

1. tij is a thermal foaming multi-nozzle, while cij is a continuous single-nozzle.
2. The CIJ type inkjet printer is a small character inkjet printer, while the TIJ type inkjet printer is a high-resolution inkjet printer.
3. The working principle of CIJ inkjet printer is that the ink is continuously ejected from a single nozzle by pressure. After the crystal oscillates, it breaks and forms ink dots. In the assembly line, the packaging market requires high speed, and the printing speed is fast. The working principle of the TIJ inkjet printer is to use a thin film resistor to instantly heat the ink in the ink ejection area to form numerous tiny bubbles. Form the required characters, numbers, barcodes, etc.

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