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INCODE1945 One-inch black water-based ink cartridge for TIJ inkjet printer

Short Description:

Category: Dyes Water-Based

Model: 1945

Cartridge type: IUT308s series

Print Height: 25.4mm

Specification: 42ml

Colour: Black

Color Saturation:

Opening time: 15 minutes

Dry time:



Voltage: 12V

Pulse width: 2.1μs

Applicable material: paper/carton

Product Detail

Product Tags



1. The permeable material is designed with a special design.

2. High and saturated color.

1945 ink is suitable for coding and marking on permeable materials such as carton.

Transportation and storage

- The ink cartridge should be placed in a vacuum sealed bag before use.

- Use within two weeks of removing the ink cartridge from the vacuum sealed bag for best printing results.

- When not in use, cover the ink cartridge clip with the nozzle facing up or horizontal.

- Consult the Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for more information.


Common problems and solutions

[1] The printing effect is not good and the lines are missing.

Treatment method: wipe the nozzle with a non-woven cloth or suck with a syringe and vacuum tweezers until the ink remains

The water is sucked out and the nozzle is cleaned with a woolen cloth.

Other reasons may cause poor print results

1. The distance between the nozzle and the surface of the printing object is too large, resulting in a blurry printing effect. The recommended distance is 2-3 mm.

2. Electrostatic interference.

3. If the print parameters are not set correctly, please set the parameters according to the toner cartridge label.

For further inquiries please contact us.

Maintenance tips for quick-drying ink cartridges:

1. Storage Conditions. Store ink cartridges at room temperature away from sunlight, strong light, and heat. The suitable temperature is 5-30 degrees.

2. Please do not open the package and clips before installing and using the ink cartridge in the machine.

3. Before using the device, please make sure the environment is clean and not too dusty, and check whether the ink cartridge is leaking ink or the interface is dirty.

4. When the machine is off for a long time during use, especially the high-definition thermal foam inkjet printer, the ink cartridge should be removed to protect the nozzle.

5. Remember to use the ink cartridge after use! ! Please remove the ink cartridge from the device in good time! Install the card holder! Quick-drying ink cartridges cannot be used if they have been exposed to air for a long time.

6. When you remove the ink cartridge after use, please use a clean cloth and follow an instruction. Note: This is an instruction! Just wipe gently!

No matter how good the product is, it also needs our good use and protection. To ensure the life of the ink cartridge, please follow this ink cartridge maintenance method.

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