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Coding solution for wire and cable industry

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With its rich industry experience, INCODE serves many wire and cable manufacturers. The non-contact coding method does not damage the product surface; a variety of color ink options can be used on the dark surface of the cable to form a contrast for easy reading. The excellent adhesion of pigment ink ensures zero pad printing of the inkjet code; the excellent light resistance of the ink makes the inkjet content not fade; no other auxiliary processing methods are required, and the inkjet code makes the code change in the production process faster and more flexible. . The unique pigment ink stirring system ensures the stability and reliability of the ink system.

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Coding technology is widely used in the wire and cable industry. It is suitable for printing factory name, logo number and other information on cable products of various specifications and sizes. Coding technology can not only meet general marking requirements, but also provide stable operation quality. And the high-definition inkjet code meets the requirements of clear, durable and easy-to-distinguish identification of wire and cable products. Whether it is extruding raw materials or winding various cables, the coding technology can be competent; whether it is high-speed printing on an assembly line or on an independent pallet, the printer can perform different angles at any time. printing, 360° printing angle, round, curved, bar, etc., or printing factory logo, specification, date and other product information on the bottom, side, and top.

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Product Features

Suitable for printing on high-speed production lines (200 m/min), the ink-jet printing ink has strong adhesion, and has a variety of pigment inks to choose from;

The marks after laser engraving will not wear and fade even if the cable is rewound;

The printed characters are as small as 0.8 mm, which can meet the printing requirements of tiny information;

It can print various complex graphics or factory standards and standard certifications, such as TUV, UL, CE, etc.;

Automatic meter recording function, consistent and real-time printing information, does not affect the continuous operation and use of the entire production process;

By printing clear and stable product specifications and factory name and factory logo, genuine products can be quickly identified, and the logo is not easy to wear to ensure the durability of transportation, handling and storage.

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Post time: Aug-22-2022