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Electronic Industry Marking Solutions


There are many components and circuit boards in the electronics industry that need to be identified and coded, usually by printing the part number, origin, icon, production time, storage date and other information. At the same time, in order to make the parts of their products traceable, more and more electronic product manufacturers use inkjet identification equipment to give each part a unique identification, including SN code, database support code, barcode, two-dimensional code, etc.
The INCODE inkjet printer adopts non-contact inkjet technology, which can meet the needs of the electronic industry for product identification, whether it is on tiny resistors and capacitors, connectors or other large components such as switches. Technology can do the job. For barcodes and numbers in tiny areas, the minimum height can be 0.7mm.


Laser processing technology is a non-contact processing method, so it does not produce mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress, especially in line with the processing requirements of the electronics industry. Due to the high efficiency, pollution-free, high precision and small heat affected zone of laser processing technology, it has been widely used in the electronics industry.



Product Features

INCODE non-contact inkjet coding will not cause any damage to tiny electronic components, and the minimum height can reach 0.7mm
Powerful system, with U disk storage, one-key upgrade
Stable and reliable ink system, simple structure and low maintenance cost
Ruby nozzle, integrated sealing nozzle, durable, stable and reliable

The laser is directly vaporized on the surface of the object in an instant, and it can also make clear marks on several materials or irregular surfaces at the same time.
Laser marking machine has low price, high work efficiency, no consumables, environmental protection and energy saving, and maintenance is more convenient
INCODE recommends our professional marking technology for you to improve the appearance and brand effect of the product and enhance the market competitiveness of the product


Post time: Sep-15-2022