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How to Distinguish Original HP Ink Cartridges, Uniplus Ink Cartridges and IUT Ink Cartridges From the Appearance

HP original HP ink cartridges, Taiwan IUT ink cartridges and Taiwan Uniplus ink cartridges are commonly used TIJ ink cartridges. Although the three are similar in appearance, they are still easy to distinguish.

It can be distinguished from the following characteristics:

1.The front of the IUT cartridge has holes no matter half an inch or an inch, but HP and Uniplus do not. Tear off the label, you can also clearly see the difference between the three ink cartridges.

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2. The background color of the contacts of the HP ink cartridges is brown, which is obviously different from the black of IUT and Uniplus, and the chip slot positions of the three ink cartridges are also different.

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3.The surroundings of the ink filling ports of the three kinds of ink cartridges are also different. The hp one is black, which is the same color as the ink cartridge, and there are laser markings around it. Both Uniplus and IUT are white, but IUT is larger than Uniplus.

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The above three methods just distinguish the three ink cartridges simply from the appearance. There are many differences between them, which can be distinguished by more identification.

Post time: Jan-05-2022