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Coding solutions for the food industry

INCODE ink jet printer can print production date, shelf life, trademark pattern, product name, product batch number, manufacturer name, promotion information, etc. on various specifications and types of food or food packaging boxes. Whether your product shape is bent or the product packaging is backlogged, the non-contact printing method makes the printing effect as clear and visible. The high-adhesion, 2-second quick-drying ink will not cause contamination to the product. Even if your product needs to be cooked at high temperature or stored in a low temperature freezer, its code will not be easily wiped off. A variety of optional ink colors can print high-contrast, high-definition content on the surface of different color packaging boxes.


Laser inkjet printers are also more and more used in the food industry. The characteristics of laser inkjet printers: clean and pollution-free, no daily maintenance, no consumables, firm marking, and operation, etc., can solve these two problems. Common problems encountered by companies in each industry. Compared with inkjet printers, laser inkjet printers are a more advanced inkjet technology. It is controlled by the industrial computer to automatically print Chinese and English, graphics and anti-counterfeiting marks on the product. The marking speed is fast, clear and beautiful, non-erasable, convenient and reliable operation, hygienic and safe, suitable for continuous operation on the production line. Especially because it does not need to use ink, it greatly reduces the cost of running the machine and its pollution to the environment, which meets people’s requirements for safety and low pollution to a certain extent. And it is widely used in the application industry, with many applicable materials, and its long-term application in foreign countries has been very extensive and common.


Food, clothing, housing and transportation, and a healthy life start with assured food. As an industry closely related to human health, the food industry has stricter requirements than other industries. In addition to producing safe and healthy food, food manufacturers also need to clearly inform consumers of food production date, shelf life, batch number and other information. The inkjet printers provided by INCODE can perfectly help manufacturers solve this problem. The ink-jet printing code is clear, not easy to wipe off, suitable for various storage environments, and food-grade ink also makes food safer. The laser coding has stronger anti-counterfeiting properties, and the special coding marking also greatly enhances the anti-counterfeiting and cracking down on counterfeit products, which is convenient for regional sales management.


Product Features

Strong anti-counterfeiting: the logo cannot be smeared, and the technology content is high

Special inkjet marking: anti-channel code and counterfeit products, convenient for regional sales management
The content of the inkjet marking is roughly the same, no adjustment is required to start up, and it is easy to use
No consumables for laser coding, saving costs
Infinite production line, marking 1 line of content, the line speed is 90 meters per minute, and it can mark 40,000 bags per hour (bag size: 7cm*10cm)


Supplier management Prints information such as serial number and factory name and factory logo on each piece of food, which can be connected to the database to monitor the quantity and variety produced by suppliers, whether they meet the company’s requirements, and achieve product flow tracking and dealer cross-regional sales. query and monitoring. The laser printer randomly prints serial numbers or special graphics, so that each piece of food can be directly identified, or can be queried on the computer according to the number printed. Effectively control the circulation of non-original products and protect the legitimate interests of manufacturers.

Post time: Aug-26-2022