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INCODE 45 half-inch solvent quick-drying green ink cartridge

Short Description:

Category: Dye Alcohol Base

Cartridge Type: 45 Solvent Cartridge

Print height: 12.7mm

Specification: 42ml

Colour: Red

Color Saturation:

Decap time: 10 hours

Dry Time:



Voltage: 8.8V

Pulse width: 1.9μs

Applicable material: plastic/coated paper/glass/metal

Product Detail

Product Tags


1. Excellent durability when applied to aluminum bubble pads

2.INCODE inks allow you to stop and restart your production line without maintaining print cartridges.

3. Use INCODE green solvent ink with upgraded print cartridge to speed up printing, dry quickly, and print quickly without heating up.

4. High printing precision, prevent staining, waterproof, prevent fading


Applies to

Coatings, coatings and printing Inkjet packaging boxes, PVC plastic cards, etc. Coatings such as nitrocellulose, acrylic coated aluminum foil and flexible film materials can meet your industrial labeling needs. A large number of intermittent prints in the field, excellent print clarity, optical density and contrast make them ideal for variable printing of 1D and 2D readable barcodes in many food and medical applications.

With the popularity of handheld inkjet printers, a large number of product manufacturers have begun to use handheld portable inkjet printers. The ink cartridges of Zhengzhou Jiema handheld printers use 45 ink cartridges. Stability is also guaranteed. Although the equipment of the handheld inkjet printer is a maintenance-free model, the ink cartridges of the handheld inkjet printer still need to be carefully treated by our operators, especially the quick-drying solvent ink cartridges should pay more attention to maintenance and maintenance during use. today, Guangzhou Incode Marking Technology Co., Ltd. will tell you what matters need to be paid attention to in the maintenance of ink cartridges for handheld inkjet printers?

Transportation and Storage

- Before use, the toner cartridges must be placed in a vacuum bag.

Use the toner cartridge within two weeks of removing it from the vacuum bag for best printing results.

Cartridge clip cap when not in use with the mouthpiece up or in a horizontal position.

For more information, consult the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).

Precautions for ink cartridge sleeve and ink cartridge unpacking and shelf life

1. Please use the original standard card sleeve for the ink cartridge;

2. For different types of ink, it is strictly forbidden to share the cartridge sleeves;

3. If solvent-based ink is not used immediately, please do not open the original packaging!

4. After unpacking the outer packaging of solvent-based ink, please put it into use immediately and use it up as soon as possible!

5. Please make sure to use up solvent-based ink within the warranty period!

Common problems and solutions

[1] The printing effect is not good, and there are missing lines.

Treatment method: Wet the non-woven fabric with alcohol (>98%) and wipe the nozzle or vacuum with a syringe and vacuum clip until the ink is drawn out, and then wipe the nozzle with a non-woven fabric.

[2] plug

Treatment method: Use alcohol (>98%) or small character (CIJ) machine cleaning agent to drop 2 drops to the print head, after 5 seconds, press the print head on the non-woven fabric and wipe it back and forth until there are more ink marks on the non-woven fabric

Purchase of ink cartridges for inkjet printers

In recent years, due to the increasing application of inkjet printers, many companies choose refilling ink cartridges in order to save consumables. As everyone knows, this approach is not desirable, and refilling ink cartridges cannot guarantee long-term use. In many cases, only half of the ink volume can be used, and it cannot be used, which is a great loss for enterprises.
Guangzhou Incode Marking Technology Co., Ltd. recommends that customers must choose original ink cartridges when purchasing


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