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INCODE Manufacturing Factory 42ml TIJ Thermal Ink Cartridge

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INCODE TIJ 2.5 42ml Fast Drying Ink Cartridge

  1. Controllable quality: The source factory-filled ink cartridges are filled directly by the ink cartridge manufacturer. The quality and production process of the ink cartridges are better controlled, which can ensure the stability of the ink and the long-term use of the ink cartridges.
  2. Price advantage: Since the middleman is eliminated, the price of the ink cartridges filled in the source factory is relatively low, which can provide consumers with more competitive prices.
  3. Save worry and time: Choosing the source factory to fill ink cartridges can save users the trouble and tediousness of filling ink by themselves, providing users with a more convenient experience.


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Core introduction

Ink Cartridge Presentation Video

Introducing our ink cartridges specially designed for inkjet printers, proudly manufactured by our renowned ink cartridge factory. With a commitment to delivering top-notch quality and performance, our ink cartridges are built to meet the demands of professional printing. Combining advanced features such as fast drying time of 1~3 seconds, decap time over 10 hours, high adhesion, and the flexibility to support OEM and ODM requirements, our ink cartridges are the perfect choice for all your printing needs.

As a professional ink cartridge factory, we understand the importance of efficiency in printing. That is why our ink cartridges offer an incredibly fast drying time of 1~3 seconds. This allows you to print documents and images without waiting for the ink to dry, resulting in increased productivity and reduced waiting time. Additionally, our ink cartridges boast an impressive decap time of over 10 hours, ensuring that you can leave the printer idle without worrying about the ink drying up and clogging the print heads.

Another outstanding feature of our ink cartridges is their high adhesion capability. Whether you're printing on plain paper, glossy photo paper, or any other specialty media, our ink cartridges deliver exceptional adhesion, resulting in sharp and vibrant prints. Say goodbye to smudged and blurry prints, as our ink cartridges adhere to the surface of the paper with utmost precision, bringing your images and text to life.

Moreover, we take pride in offering our customers the option of OEM and ODM services. We understand that every business has unique requirements and preferences when it comes to their printing needs. With our support for OEM and ODM, you have the freedom to customize our ink cartridges according to your specific branding and technical requirements. Whether you need cartridges with special colors, custom packaging, or any other specific feature, we are here to work closely with you to bring your vision to reality.

In conclusion, our ink cartridges, manufactured by our reputable ink cartridge factory, are designed to deliver exceptional performance, durability, and convenience. With features like fast drying time, long decap time, high adhesion, and the flexibility to support OEM and ODM, they are perfect for professional printing needs. Experience the difference of our ink cartridges and elevate your printing to a new level of excellence. Trust in our expertise and quality as we continue to deliver innovative solutions for all your inkjet printing requirements.


Selling point introduction

The Ink Cartridges Manufactured By INCODE Are First-Hand Sourced To Ensure Customer Profit.

Excellent Durability When Applied To Non-Permeable Materials.

Good Ink Stability, No Nozzle Blockage.

The Ink Cartridge Has High Printing Clarity, Anti-Dirty, Waterproof, And Anti-Fading.

Eco-Solvent System, Environmentally Friendly And Odorless, In Line With High-Demand Printing Environment.

Decap 12 Hours
Can Choose Colour Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White, Invisible
Capacity 42ml
Nozzle Size 12.7mmHalf Inch
Ink Cartridge Type Eco-Solvent Cartridge

What is this product

Compared With Ordinary Solvent-Based Inks, The Biggest Advantage Of Eco-Solvent Ink Is Environmental Friendliness, Which Is Mainly Reflected In The Reduction Of Volatile Matter Voc And The Elimination Of Many Toxic Organic Solvents. It Is No Longer Used In Production Workshops That Use Eco-Solvent Inks. Need To Install Additional Ventilation Device. While Maintaining The Advantages Of Water-Based Inks, The Odorless And Environmentally-Friendly Eco-Solvent Inks Also Overcome The Disadvantages Of Water-Based Inks Such As Harsh Substrates. Therefore, Eco-Solvent Inks Are Between Water-Based And Solvent-Based Inks, Taking Into Account The Advantages Of Both.

This product application

TI1314 Ink Cartridge Is Suitable For Gold And Silver Cardboard, Film Material, Varnish Material, Printed Ink Material, Pvc Card Plastic, Aluminum Foil Paper And Other Non-Permeable Products, Which Can Meet a Large Number Of Intermittent Printing In Industrial Coding Applications. The Printing Clarity Is Very Suitable For Printing Variable One-Dimensional Codes, Two-Dimensional Codes, Readable Barcodes And Digital Characters.

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