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INCODE 45 half-inch solvent quick-drying red ink cartridge

Short Description:

Category: Dye Alcohol Base

Cartridge Type: 45 Solvent Cartridge

Print height: 12.7mm

Specification: 42ml

Colour: Red

Color Saturation:

Decap time: 10 hours

Dry Time:



Voltage: 8.8V

Pulse width: 1.9μs

Applicable material: plastic/coated paper/glass/metal

Product Detail

Product Tags


1. Excellent durability when applied to aluminum foil bubble pads

2. INCODE ink - allows you to stop and restart your production line without maintaining print cartridges.

3. INCODE red solvent ink together with the improved print cartridge can make your printing faster, dry quickly and print quickly without heating

4.High print definition, anti-dirty, waterproof, anti-fading


Applies to

Coated, varnished, printed ink packaging boxes, plastic PVC cards, etc. Covers such as: nitrocellulose, acrylic covered aluminum foil bubble pad semi-aperture and flexible membrane materials, etc., can meet industrial coding applications A large number of intermittent prints in the field, excellent print clarity, optical density and contrast, ideal for variable 1D and 2D readable barcode printing in many food and medical fields.

Transportation and Storage

- The ink cartridges should be placed in a vacuum-sealed bag before use.

- Use the ink cartridge within two weeks of removing it from the vacuum-sealed bag for best printing results.

- Cover the cartridge clip when not in use, with the nozzle up or level.

- See Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for more information.

Common problems and solutions

[1] The printing effect is not good, and there are missing lines.

Treatment method: Wet the non-woven fabric with alcohol (>98%) and wipe the nozzle or vacuum with a syringe and vacuum clip until the ink is drawn out, and then wipe the nozzle with a non-woven fabric.

[2] plug

Treatment method: Use alcohol (>98%) or small character (CIJ) machine cleaning agent to drop 2 drops to the print head, after 5 seconds, press the print head on the non-woven fabric and wipe it back and forth until there are more ink marks on the non-woven fabric


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